6 Unique Online Business Ideas

A lot of people have their own business now, and that’s a fantastic thing to see. But the odds aren’t in your favor, and most new companies will shut down after the first 18 months because it’s actually pretty tough to run a successful business. You’re going to want to beat the odds, but how are you supposed to do that?

Having unique online business ideas is definitely a good start, and you will find that there are plenty of niches that you can slip into and really make your mark. We know that getting started can be the tricky part, especially when you are deciding exactly what you want to do. Why not let us give you a little inspiration while we take you through some of our favorite concepts?

Start Your Own Blog 

Blogs are actually a fantastic source of income if they become popular and you keep them updated.

What do you want to write about? Your life, cooking, tips and tricks? Anything you want can be put into your blog, and after that, it’s just about finding your audience. Social media is usually the best place to promote your blog and build a community that you can actively engage with.

Why not share yourself with the world? It could be the best choice you ever make, and once you become popular you can start monetizing it – earning cash from sponsors, advertisements, and even the clicks to your blog. You might even be able to start a merchandise shop or something on the side that relates to it. The possibilities are endless, and there’s so much to explore.

Read more about how to make money as a blogger if you are interested in this concept.

Publish a Book Yourself

Self-publishing is actually a fantastic avenue to take, and it can be liberating. If you have a story that you want told, places like Amazon will allow you to publish your book online for their Kindle store. You can also get funding for publication through websites like Unbound that work as a form of Kickstarter for books.

The world of self-publishing can be much easier than getting in with an actual publishing house. As a result, a lot of people choose this option because they want to be able to share stories without going through years of potential rejection. Self-publishing is becoming more popular, and there are some real gems out there. You could be the next big thing. 

Flip Thrift Store Finds

You’d be surprised by how much potential money is in this, especially if you’re handy with your thrift shop searching. There are loads of deals out there, and many excellent finds that you can flip for a higher price. Clothes, homeware, all of it has potential if you are smart with your money and watch out for those good deals.

Being able to flip thrift store goods is a great way to make cash. And the best of all, you can easily do this online on many platforms.

Craft Bespoke Gifts

Handcrafted items can feel a bit flooded online, but it’s all about discovering your niche. There are sectors that can benefit from a unique take. You can make things like bespoke memorial items, wedding favors, or gifts that combine something ordinary with the extraordinary. Let your imagination run wild, do your research, and you’ll find something truly spectacular that you can create.

Using platforms like Etsy and Shopify will help get your name out there, and the use of social media is ideal for building that organic reach. It’s all about advertising and networking – all it takes it ten minutes each morning to get decent social media out.

Start a Freelance Service

This has become pretty popular over recent years, especially with the rise of the gig economy where people freelance or work as delivery drivers as a side hustle. However, freelancing can become a full-time opportunity if you work hard enough and are good at what you do. You can freelance in pretty much anything you like, you just need to make sure people want to hire you.

Some of the most popular freelancing sectors are web design, graphic design, art, and writing. All of these have a lot of potential, and if you team up with other freelancers you have the opportunity to build lucrative packages for your clients. It’s all about learning the market and understanding how to network and sell yourself.

Develop Online Courses

Being able to help others is a gift, and while there are plenty of people who want to create online courses to do that very few actually go ahead with it – or have the skill to do so. Being able to share your knowledge and help people hone their skills in your chosen sector can be a great way to make money as well as pass the kindness on.

Online courses can easily be sold for a few hundred bucks, you just have to make sure that the information provided by them is worth it as well as give the viewer something that is engaging and holds their interest. It can take a little time and patience, but there are plenty of help guides out there to get you started.

To Conclude

So many fantastic ideas, which one will you end up going with? Uniqueness is such an important quality to have when you are starting a new business, and it will help you to stand apart from the crowd in all the right ways. We can’t wait to hear how your adventure goes, and learn about the ways in which your business is thriving.

But we also know it’s not easy, and you’re going to want to do more research before you actually begin your journey. That’s why you should check out our guides to online business ideas without investment as well as trending business ideas to get a clearer viewpoint.

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