Why People Struggle To Make Money Online

Struggling to make money online? Here is the shocking but true reason why most people are unfortunately struggling online. And what’s even more unfortunate, they are usually trying hard for years, putting loads of money and time into it, before giving up completely.

Why am I preaching about the reasons people don’t make money in a website which is supposed to teach you how to actually make money?

The reason is simple. To actually learn how to sell anything online or even make a dime, first you need to understand why you’re currently struggling with making any money.

So if any of these two statements hold true for you, keep on reading because you’ll finally be able to understand the reason behind your struggles:

  • You’re not making any money online, never had.
  • You have some online income, but it’s way lower than you thought it would be when you started.

The Reasons Behind Your Online Struggles

The main reason people actually don’t make money online is foolishly simple, yet you don’t often hear about this explanation – and there’s a reason why.

The reason why most people struggle online is because they try to copy very successful and well-off online marketers.

Sounds strange? I agree. But let me explain this.

Of course we’ve been taught to follow and copy successful people so we can also reach the level of success they’ve accomplished. And this is absolutely true. So why would it be the reason behind anyone’s online failures to actually copy these successful people?

Here’s the problem

If you’re copying someone in their already successful state while you’re just starting out, sorry to tell you, but failure is preprogrammed in your endeavor. It needs a completely different mindset to start something than to operate or run something that has already proven to be successful.

So we can rephrase the core problem. People are struggling to make money online because they don’t have clear and easy to follow learning materials when it comes to building an online business from scratch.

Doing Or Teaching?

There’s a popular phrase ‘those who can’t do, teach’. But is there any truth to it?

Guy making a couple hundred K’s per month, sounds good. It sounds impressive enough so that you want to copy everything they’ve done. So you rush and buy their online course on “How to make a million dollars online overnight”. And later you wonder why you cannot even start your online business based on their tutorials, let alone duplicate their results.

First, this guy can be genuinely good at making money, but is he or she any good as a teacher?


That actually you can’t just take for granted, as doing something and teaching something are two completely different viewpoints of the same subject. And as such, both of them need different mindsets.

Second, even if he or she is a good teacher, the methods that you apply to your business when making a million per month are just not the same as those that you employ when you’re just starting out, usually with no experience.

Who Should You Be Learning From?

Yes, there might be people out there who simply can’t do something – i.e. online marketing in this particular case – and thus they teach it. But that’s not true for everyone. Unfortunately though, especially in this field, there are plenty of people who actually can do it, that is they are great online marketers, but they just can’t teach it.

So please do yourself the favor of avoiding anyone who can’t do it (by simple fact checking) and also those who might be successful but are not good in transferring their knowledge.

You must find a mentor, a teacher, tutor, call it whatever you want, who can both do it and teach it.

So if you want to stop struggling online and be successful, you’re left with two solutions:

  1. Go and figure it out for yourself.
  2. Find someone who is successful (can do it) but is also willing to teach you at a beginner level.

The internet is huge, and you can definitely go ahead and figure it out for yourself. I’m not saying that you can’t. It’s just tedious and time consuming, and with a lot of possible failures down the road.

But if you’re willing to learn from someone, just make sure you can follow their advice from the beginning and that you can actually act on it.

In other words, in the field of online marketing it’s better to follow someone whose tips you can implement right away and you see actual results, than follow someone who promises you the moon just to realize later that you cannot actually do anything based upon their advice.

Conclusion: Implications Are Not The Reason

If you search the internet for the reason why people are struggling to make money online, sadly you’ll find only the implications of the bad teaching materials mentioned above presented as the reason itself.

Let’s see, as a conclusion, what those implications are, already knowing that the core reason is the lack of a good mentor and actionable training materials for beginners.

You can find explanations on why people are struggling to make money online such as:

  • Lack of consistent action
  • Jumping from one thing to another
  • The lack of focus
  • Not able to overcome fear
  • Overcomplicating the process

But is any of these the core reason? Was it really your lack of focus that prevented you from online success so far, or you just simply didn’t know what to focus on because nobody had told you?

I would argue it is the latter.

And I hope you’ll give me the chance to show you where to focus if you want to start on the journey of making money online.

That’s what I’m aiming for in this website and in all my newsletter series. So make sure you’re subscribed and watch your inbox closely, as I’ll teach you what to focus on and where and how to start even if you’re a complete beginner.

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