What Does SEO Copywriting Mean?

SEO copywriting, short for search engine optimization copywriting. But what does this seemingly technical expression mean?

Continue reading to find out what is the exact meaning and definition of SEO copywriting, and what other words are also used for this activity. Browse this website to find out more about the topic and learn how to do it right.

SEO Copywriting Definition

SEO Copywriting is the activity of creating written content for online publication, with the sole or most important purpose of ranking in search engines for one or more specific keywords.

An SEO copywriter is a professional who writes articles with such a purpose.

Example: A website wants to rank for the keyword “best treadmill for bad knees”. They ask an SEO copywriting expert or SEO copywriter to create an article about treadmills that is intended to rank for that keyword. The process of writing this content is the actual SEO copywriting or SEO content writing.

Usage examples

  • In order to write recipes that rank in Google, you first need to learn SEO copywriting.
  • Worrying about keyword density is one of the many SEO copywriting mistakes.
  • We hired an SEO copywriter to produce content for our new website.

Note: Some define SEO copywriting as the practice of producing keyword-optimized content. That’s true to an extent, but it can be misleading. This article is not about the nuts and bolts of SEO copywriting, but just to let you know, good rankings are achievable even with zero percent keyword density. So yes, we are optimizing for a keyword or keywords, but SEO Copywriting is not about how many times you use that keyword.

Both Technical And Creative Writing

Some writers might despise SEO copywriting, thinking that it is too technical, too dry. This is far from the truth in my experience.

Yes, unfortunately most companies or freelancers offering SEO writing services will treat this activity as a dry and boring writing job. Consequently, the content they produce is also often dry and boring. Most of them solely focus on repeating the keyword, putting together content that has been scraped from all across the web. But in real life these types of articles don’t really perform well in the search results.

A good SEO copywriter is an expert of the topic they are writing about, and he or she is also a great writer. In reality web content has to be ‘good’ in order to rank. So this activity is by far not only about technical settings, but also about writing content that is original and appealing to the reader.

In fact SEO copywriting is a great 21st century opportunity for every writer to sharpen their writing skills, do what they love, and in the meantime create content that has commercial value and consequently make money as a writer.

Other Words For SEO Copywriting

As SEO copywriting is quite a new and sometimes misunderstood subject, it has a lot of different synonyms.

I find all of these expressions mean the same thing, no matter which one you hear or read. The difference is in how people interpret SEO copywriting, but I hope this whole website helps you understand that subject better.

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