How To Build a Successful Blog

For nearly everyone stepping into the field of blogging, the big question arises sooner or later; How to build a successful blog?

Successful blogging might seem impossible for most of us at first, but it’s not that difficult than you might think. Although you can find several best practices and advice on the topic online, here I want to share with you what I think is the really most important, if not the only one key ingredient in building a successful blog.

What Is A Successful Blog Anyways?

First let’s just clarify what a successful blog really is. You might think that making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month is a must to obtain the successful blog tag. While it sure wouldn’t hurt to cash in 100 grand a month, you don’t really need to get that amount of cash in order to call yourself a successful blogger.

The only key to building a successful blog

In my opinion, there are two key elements of calling a blog successful, which are:

  • Reaching your personal goal or goals that you’ve defined for yourself when starting your blog.
  • Reach enough people so that you can make a difference in other people’s life.

For both of these, you really need to reach loads of people. And that’s what defines the key to successful blogging.

The Key To Successful Blogging

Key to success

As I mentioned above, I truly think that there is only one key ingredient to build a successful blog. It doesn’t matter whicht topic you are blogging about. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with your blog or it’s been online for a decade. In fact it doesn’t even matter if you plan to make money blogging, or just doing it for fun.

The only key to building a successful blog is to publish regularly.

And instead of regularly, I would have written as often as you can.

It’s not about publishing one article per week, because someone somewhere said that that’s the way Google loves it. It’s about having enough content on your blog so that you have at least a chance to break through the noise online.

You can publish 1000 articles at ones, that won’t cause any problems with Google. But that’s just not the way we bloggers operate. None of us is capable of starting a blog and writing 1000 articles in a row.

But what you can do is set up a schedule, and start publishing regularly. Once a week or twice, if that fits you. Once a day, or even twice a day, if you can deal with that. The most important thing is that you do it regularly.

And believe me, this is the way to produce enough content on your blog. And once you have that, it’ll be much easier to attract visitors, and reach those two goals mentioned above.

The Internet Is About Quantity

Look around online. You see hundreds of Facebook posts per day. Hundreds of ads. You make dozens of Google searches, if not hundreds. You see tons of videos on YouTube, and so on, and so on.

Social media quantity

All the people who are successful online, no matter if they have a blog, a YouTube channel, or any type of online business, have long understood that whatever they, do they need to produce it in large quantities in order to attain success.

Some people think that you need to trade in quality for quantity, but that’s not true. You don’t need to publish crap in order to build a successful blog. But you should definitely get rid of unnecessary “overperfectionism”, which leads to, well, most of the time, procrastination.

how to build a successful blog

People procrastinate publishing because this article is not quite perfect yet. Some even procrastinate starting their blog because they just haven’t found the perfect domain yet. You see, how unnecessary perfectionism leads to never being able to build a successful website?

How To Build A Successful Blog

I gathered these simple steps in order to help you building a successful blog. Of course one could write a book on each of these steps. But this is just a quick roundup to help you start.

  1. Find a topic that you can write about.
  2. Start your blog. See my advice on how to start a blog in 20 minutes.
  3. Publish at least 50 articles. Really, this is the key. Don’t even think about what you are doing before getting to the 50 articles mark.
  4. Find a channel that attracts the most people to your blog. It can be SEO, Social Media, even a newsletter, or your friends. For me, SEO works the best, but some people are great at attracting attention via social media. So you really need to find your personal voice here.
  5. Ask your readers what they like the most about your blog, and what they want to read. Continue writing about what pleases your audience.
  6. Continue publishing.

So when do you take your next step to building your successful blog?

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