Top 45 Business Ideas For Teens

You can’t start soon enough — the old saying is also true when it comes to business. Of course not everyone is open to start their first company in their teenage years, but if your parents are supportive and you feel that you want to try yourself, why not start your own venture when in school? To help you with the first step, here are the 45 best online and traditional business ideas for teens.

And just before listing the business ideas, let me share with you the 3 most important benefits of starting a business in your early years.

  • If you’re still living with your parents, you are not forced to make income from the first day. Although the burden of making money might be helpful to make a company profitable later, it is usually the single-handed killer of creativity.
  • The sooner you learn to make and handle money, the better you’ll become in every financial aspects of life later.
  • Even if your first venture fails, you gain a lot of experience. And we all know how good our school system is in teaching us real life experience, so don’t underestimate any possibility where you can get an insight into how real life works.

Online Business Ideas For Teens

  1. Starting a blog / being a blogger
  2. Starting a YouTube vlog
  3. Ecommerce store
  4. Selling your photos online for royalty
  5. Affiliate marketing website
  6. Local guide online for new students in your area
  7. A website giving online courses for students
  8. Online teaching via Skype
  9. Drop shipping website
  10. Selling your handmade products on Etsy
  11. App Developer

Creative Business Ideas For Teens

Some of these can be done online, some of them are more traditional businesses. But the common thing in these business ideas for teens is that with them you can easily monetize your creativity.

  1. Write An Ebook
  2. Sell your creativity on sites like Gumroad
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Web designer
  5. Clothing Designer
  6. Jewelry Maker
  7. Event Photographer
  8. Portrait Photographer
  9. Musician
  10. Video Creator
  11. Handmade gifts
  12. Gift wrapping services

Best Business Ideas For Teens Without Investment

  1. Snow removal
  2. Leaf Removal
  3. Personal Shopper
  4. Holiday Decorator
  5. Housesitter
  6. Child caretaker
  7. Dog Walker
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Tour Guide
  10. Link Building
  11. Delivery and errand services
  12. Computer services – setup and repair

Business Ideas For Teens With Low Investment

  1. Rent out gym equipment
  2. Home-made food delivery service (sandwiches, smoothie etc.) to local businesses
  3. Soap Maker
  4. Candle Maker
  5. Sell things to students that parents can order – like food etc.
  6. Organize student event trips
  7. Computer tutoring for elderly persons
  8. Car washing
  9. Buy Amazon returned items in bulk and sell them on Ebay
  10. Buy second-hand textbooks at the end of term and sell them on to new students at the start of the new term

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for, and now you have a great business idea to start your own business as a kid. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas that might help a teenager become an entrepreneur.

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