The 3 Most Important SEO Writing Skills

No one can say that there is one specific type of person who is apt for being a good SEO writer; many of us can succeed in this field.

Yet there are some skills you should possess or perfect if you want to successfully enter the SEO copywriting game. Let’s see what are the 3 most important SEO writing skills.

SEO Writing Skill #1: Be A Good Writer

This one might sound evident or interesting, depending on what you think about SEO writing. But I find it is the most important SEO writing skill.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO writing is not a dry, emotionless job where you only need to count keyword density. It really matters how well you write. At the end of the day we want to convince real people with our copy and not some heartless search engine. And few admit, but how much visitors like a specific content does have a huge impact on how well that content actually ranks.

If you want to be a good SEO writer, you need to be able to produce good, enjoyable content and also abide to other requirements specific to this type of writing. I think that’s one main characteristic of a good writer in general.

Don’t worry though. This skill is learnable, and you are at the best place. One of the beauties of SEO copywriting is that it can really teach you to write as you get direct feedback on how successful your text is. So just start a blog or start writing for any website, and you’ll learn the ins and outs of SEO writing even if you’re a novice writer.

SEO Writing Skill #2: Good Sense Of Assessment

SEO writing is a type of non-fiction writing. A good SEO writer has to be able to assess all the information he or she encounters regarding the subject they are writing about.

To give you some help, these are the most important parts of an SEO writer’s job regarding to assessment:

  • Distinguishing between true and false information.
  • Prioritizing information.
  • Deciding whether one specific information is related to the exact topic of the keyword or not.

SEO Writing Skill #3: Humbleness When It Comes To Learning New Things

I find the most frequent reason why people cannot write content that ranks well in search engines is that they think they already know everything regarding writing.

SEO content creation is a very special type of writing. You need to be a good writer, have good assessment skills (see above), and also apply certain writing techniques that are ‘required’ by search engines in order that they interpret your text correctly. None of these skills are enough by themselves. You need to apply everything in order to consistently produce content that ranks well.

This all can be learned though, but it requires some kind of humbleness. You need to accept that this style of writing has its special requirements and that you can actually learn how to do it.

Don’t believe you know it but know that you know it. For that, only accept actual ranking data as feedback whether your SEO writing skills are good enough or they can still be improved. Google Search Console or other webmaster tools are your friends in this, everything else is just b.s.

Check out my SEO Copywriting course if you want to learn the technique itself. You’ll see that it is possible to get consistent results in search just by writing!

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