7 Ways SEO Copywriting Can Help You Get More Traffic

Ever wondered how SEO copywriting can be beneficial to your website and your business? Of course you’ve heard some SEO gurus out there preaching about the importance of content, but don’t really understand how this resource-intensive task – SEO copywriting takes either money or time from your part – can be beneficial for you?

7 Ways SEO Copywriting

No problem. I find gurus don’t always tell you the whole truth. Either they don’t want to tell you everything they know, or they don’t even know the whole picture. So it’s time to clean things up and learn how this very easy to learn SEO method can actually help you.

This article is intended to list the benefits of SEO copywriting. If you want to learn about SEO copywriting itself, please follow the link for 11 actionable SEO copywriting tips.

How SEO Copywriting Can Help You

The main goal of SEO is to get more traffic to your website.

This is very important to understand, as some people try to sell you on the idea that SEO has to make money directly. No. Your website and your system have to make the money, SEO is a means that provides you with enough visitors to sell to.

The main goal of SEO

Having this understood, let’s see how simply learning SEO copywriting and publishing well written content regularly on any website – be it a blog, a consulting website or a company website – will help you soar your traffic to new heights.

  1. Traffic to the blogpost

Of course this is the simplest one. Once you learn how to write an article so that it ranks for a keyword (or more), you’ll pop up in search engines more often, and this will drive more traffic to your site. Most people think this is the only benefit of the SEO copywriting technique, but read on to find out that this is as far from the truth as it can be.

  1. Traffic to related blogposts

There is something called topical relevance which is of upmost importance these days in search engine optimization. Without going into too much details, Google wants to show websites that are more relevant to the query (keyword) rather than simply listing one article. So if you publish more articles on one topic – preferably targeting at least one keyword with each article -, chances are your website and your articles get better rankings.

7 Ways SEO key
Use at least one keyword
  1. Boosting the overall valuation of your website

This is basically the same thing than the one before, but it works even in broader terms. If you stay on topic with everything you publish, any well written SEO article will boost the overall valuation of your website, consequently the valuation of all pages. This will result in better rankings for all of your pages and of course more traffic.

  1. Regular updates make your site more desirable to Google

Just by publishing content regularly on your website will make it more desirable to Google. If this content is written by SEO standards, you can really hit the mark.

  1. Get links and make your site more valuable in Google

Everyone is talking about link building when it comes to SEO, and sure getting more relevant links can help you with better rankings and more traffic. But this doesn’t have to be some shady-tricky business. In fact, just by publishing good articles you’ll pop up more and more in the search results – see above. And just by getting more traffic with more content you have more chance to get more links. It’s as simple as it gets.

  1. Get links and direct traffic

Of course links have an additional benefit that people seem to forget when it comes to SEO. Genuine links from genuine websites will drive actual traffic to your article. In fact that’s the main purpose of links, isn’t it?

7 Ways SEO link
Get links and direct traffic
  1. Social media share

The more content you have, the more chances there are to get social media share and mentions. Of course this can drive direct traffic to your website, but there is something called social media signals in SEO. Simply put, with more shares and comments your overall SEO rankings will improve, and again, this leads to more traffic, as we’ve already seen above.

I hope now you understand the importance of SEO copywriting better, and also how it can help you with getting more traffic. Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or opinion on this topic, or just tell us how SEO copywriting helped you.

7 Ways SEO Copywriting Tips

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