Hiring A Remote Digital Marketing Assistant

If you’re looking for a flexible job that you can do online, don’t look further! We’re hiring a remote digital marketing assistant to handle our online marketing and communication tasks.

Your future tasks

  • Managing Social Media. This includes posting to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and handling communication on these channels.
  • Newsletter Communication. This includes writing and sending out a daily newsletter, and also replying to questions.
  • Creating images. For our articles and social media posts you’ll be creating simple images. No professional graphics knowledge is required..
  • Uploading YouTube videos. You’ll be regularly uploading videos to our YouTube channel, set up tags, end screen etc.
  • Publish WordPress articles. Find and upload pictures, set up articles before publishing.
  • Basic proofreading. Part of our materials are written by non-native speakers. You just need to make sure that what we publish is fine for native speakers.

What we offer

  • 100% remote job, you can work from wherever you are.
  • 2 hours per day with a flexible schedule.
  • We’re looking forward to working with our new colleague in the long term.
  • No previous knowledge needed. We’ll train you to excel in these tasks. You only have to be willing to learn and communicate, don’t worry if you have no previous experience.
  • As part of a successful online marketing training team, you’ll have access to the latest online marketing techniques.
  • Competitive salary with bonuses. You’ll earn a base salary and bonuses based on your personal performance.
  • You’ll be part of a team that’s committed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, and our priority is to provide the right tools to help our clients. 

What we expect from you

  • You need to be a native English speaker.
  • You’re ready to work in a small international team.
  • You must have a stable 24/7 internet connection and a computer.
  • You’re ready to learn and apply new online marketing techniques.


If you’re interested in this opportunity, please send your resume to hr@wpcookhouse.com.