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No Search Volume Keywords

No search volume keywords

When doing keyword research, you often bump into keywords with no search volume in Google Keyword Planner. What does this mean, how accurate is the keyword planner, and should you completely ignore these keywords?

Content Keywords

Content keyword

Content Keywords in Webmaster Tools (Search Console) is kind of a reflection of what Google thinks about your website in terms of keywords. See how to interpret it and actually how to improve your site’s search presents by changing the keywords here.

The Topic of Your Website (SEO Tip)

How to find your Website Topic

If I could give you only one advice in SEO, it would be to find and set the precise topic of your website. I find this is an all or nothing topic in SEO.

Golden Rule of Search Engine Optimization

Golden rule of SEO

There is a short sentence, only 3 words, that tells everything about SEO. To know and apply this is almost more important than anything else if you want to achieve great and long-time results in Search Engine Optimization!